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We invite you to reconnect with the Messick Class of 1969!! Please read these instructions first.

Clicking below (or on the panther logo at right) will direct you to a form which will enable you to update your information for your classmates. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Please make sure and scroll through the entire form to the bottom. After filling out the form, press the "submit form" button at the bottom of the page. You should then be redirected to a page which will thank you for submitting and provide a link back to the main page. The information you submitted should be automatically emailed to the webmaster. If you do not see the "thank you" page, email the webmaster.

Please be assured your address & phone number will NOT be posted online, they are strictly for maintaining a mailing list of class members for the Reunion Committee. Your email address will be posted via an encrypted javascript to prevent its being picked up by email address harvesters, and will NOT be shared or sold with email address gatherers (i. e. spammers!), or anyone else without your permission. (Check out our Privacy Policy.)

We really encourage you to share recent pictures! If you would like to share a few more pictures of you and/or your family, or any information not covered in the form, just

Thanks for staying part of the Messick Class of 1969!

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Personal sharing of your life and times is highly encouraged. However, material that crosses the line into active promotion of a political or religious viewpoint or cause will not be posted.)