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The Messick Handbook

Download Instructions

How NOT to do it: LEFT clicking on the download link will bring up the handbook in your browser (presuming you have the standard Adobe Acrobat browser plugin). However it can also be very frustrating as the file is 17 megabytes. If you still have a dialup connection, contact me and I'll arrange to have a copy mailed to you on CD instead.

How to do it (best way): RIGHT click on the download link below and save the file to your computer, then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The takes some time download  (depending on the speed of your Internet connection) but you will then have the document permanently on your own computer to look at whenever you wish.

In Firefox: RIGHT click on the download link and choose "Save Link as..."

In Internet Explorer:
RIGHT click on the download link and choose "Save Target as..."

To get Adobe Acrobat Reader: Almost all computers have a copy of this, but in case yours doesn't click here to download it for free. I would suggest you uncheck the box offering the Free McAfee Security Scan before downloading.

Right click here to download the Messick Handbook
  • This documents was not copyrighted and is public domain. Feel free to copy, print, or share it or any part of it.
  • A very special thanks to Margaret Andrews Perry-Webber for providing the Messick Handbook.