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Memorial Video

Video last updated June 18, 2015

A simple slideshow remembering our classmates who have died, revised whenever new information is received. Please inform the website of any additions or corrections.
The video is available in two formats. Right-click on the link of the version you wish to download. If your computer is a Mac, make sure and download the MP4 version. The versions are identical. The MP4 is most suitable for viewing on a mobile device.
This video is for private use only. Please respect our departed classmates and their families and DO NOT post it in ANY public forum, including but not limited to FaceBook and YouTube.

Windows Media format (26.5 megabytes)

MP4 format (62.7 megabytes)

20th Reunion Videos
The video of our 20th reunion, divided into 4 parts. The files are very large and will require long download times. All are in MP4 format which should play well on Windows and Apple machines as well as mobile devices.
A DVD of the entire reunion is available for $5 to cover costs of material and mailing. Contact the webmaster.
Remember that this was digitized from a 20 year old VHS tape & so the quality is not great.

Friday Night BBQ on Mud Island
Saturday Morning Golf Tournament
Saturday Evening at the Peabody
Sunday Afternoon Picnic at Audubon Park