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Class of 1969 Reunions

45th Reunion - November 7, 2014

45th reunion was held at Germantown Country Club on the evening of November 7, 2014. We did a very good job of proving we are much better at having fun together than we ever were "back in the day". Check it out by clicking on the thumbnail at left.

40th Reunion - 2009
The 40th Reunion of Messick's Class of 1969 was held at the Fox and Hound Restaurant in Cordova on the evening of August 1, 2009 and was hugely successful. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see a gallery of pictures from that evening.

10th Reunion - 1979
Click on the thumbnail to the left to see a gallery of pictures from our 10th reunion. Thanks Charlie McGrory! We would appreciate any info about when & where this reunion was held, and any identifications of people in the pix! All that '70's hair makes things difficult. Email the webmaster f you can identify someone.

20th Reunion - 1989
Click on the thumbnail to the right to see pictures of our 20th reunion in 1989. These are not high quality pictures, they were captured from the video that was taken of the event. (Some video clips are included in this gallery.) That video has now been captured and re-edited as a DVD and is available for anyone interested. If you are interested in a copy of the DVD, email the webmaster.

Pictures, video, and news from any reunions would be deeply appreciated! If you have any to share please do. I will be glad to scan pictures and return them to you.